para halu

Live recording from Ozora Festival 2014 Chillout Dome.
All tracks by Para Halu / Traum Atlas.


" Relive some of the best festival moments with our live recordings from OZORA 2014 starting this week on the Chill channel with Para Halu’s Chill Dome set.

Having mostly been identified with dark and fullon psychedelic trance and his crazy dancefloor sets, Adam Hohmann aka Para Halu debuted with his own downtempo electronica sounds this year in the Ozorian Chillout Dome. The two hours long live set consisted of only his own music - note that there is a full album coming under Para Halu’s new alterego Traum Atlas.

Read more about Para Halu’s downtempo side and interesting collaborations with Fungus Funk or N.A.S.A and more in his Ozorian Prophet interview!…para-halu-in-dub